Make the most of your membership! Volunteer to serve on an AIMSE Committee. For more information, contact the AIMSE office at [email protected] or the committee chairperson.

2022 Annual Conference Committee

Keith Wosneski — Co-Chair
Mackenzie Investments

Peter Crivelli
Carillon Tower Advisors

Education Committee

Chelsea Carbonel – Chair

Awards Committee

Kurt P. Terrien — Chair
Clarkston Capital Partners

Oversees nomination and selection process of Richard A. Lothrop Award and Friends of AIMSE Award

Canadian Committee

Michael Peck — Chair

  • Organizes the program for the AIMSE Canadian Conference
  • Board liaison
  • Membership development beyond Toronto environs (liaison with membership committee)

Communications Committee

Gus Catsavis, CFA — Co-Chair
Pinnacle Asset Management, L.P.

Claudette Grant — Co-Chair

  • Oversees maintenance of the AIMSE website, AIMSE resources library, and social media accounts
  • Conducts media relations and legislative issues if necessary
  • Develops and organizes educational programs and initiatives for the membership

Finance Committee

Tony Buscemi, Chair
Gallatin Capital

Performs financial oversight activities in coordination with the AIMSE management team and AIMSE executive officers


Membership Committee

Derek Tubbs, Co-Chair
CornerCap Investment Counsel

Tasleem Jamal, CFA — Co-Chair
  • Membership development
  • Pro-active Growth Program
  • Mentorship Program

Nominating Committee

Kurt P. Terrien — Chair
Clarkston Capital Partners

  • Vets potential Board and Executive Committee candidates
  • Oversees Board of Directors succession

Partner Relations Committee

Keith Wosneski — Co-Chair
Mackenzie Investments

Greg Bauer, CFA, CAIA — Co-Chair
Parametric Portfolio Associates

Works to ensure that sponsors and exhibitors receive value and recognition through their participation


Regional Events Committee

Sean Clark, CFA — Co-Chair
Westwood Holdings Group, Inc.

Keith Wosneski — Co-Chair
Mackenzie Investments

Organizes and develops content for regional workshops and networking events


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Mark Sullivan — Co-Chair
Bridgeway Capital Management

Kerra Smith — Co-Chair
Lawton Park Capital Management, LP

Strategic Planning Committee

Kurt P. Terrien — Co-Chair
Clarkston Capital Partners

Miriam Tai, CFA, CAIA – Co-Chair
Franklin Templeton Investments

Research and development of future programs and initiatives to provide continued value to the membership and direction of the organization