The on-demand webinars listed below are available to those who register (or have already registered) for each event. Please contact [email protected] for replays.

AIMSE WEBINAR Retirement Perspectives: A 360-degree view of the DC landscape

Defined Contribution Consultant Insights Webinar featuring AON Investments.

Webcast Wednesday feat. Willis Towers Watson

This AIMSE webcast features three outstanding individuals from Willis Towers Watson: Jon Pliner, CFA, Nimisha Srivastava, CAIA and Chris Thompson. Learn more about these speakers on the registration page.

Webcast Wednesday feat. Cambridge Associates

Our next Webcast Wednesday features the following speakers from Cambridge Associates: Chris Shepler, CFA, Liqian Ma, Tracy Abedon Filosa, and Ashby Hatch, CFA. Visit the registration page to learn more about each speaker!

Webcast Wednesday feat. Callan

Our next Webcast Wednesday features a phenomenal lineup of speakers from Callan, including Millie Viqueira, Mark N. Stahl, CFA, and Anne C. Maloney. Visit the registration page for more information on each speaker!

Finding Opportunity Amid Uncertainty

Join John Molesphini, the Global Head of Insights at eVestment for an informative webcast will discuss allocation trends of the largest US and UK public plans prior to the globalization of the pandemic in March 2020, allocation targets vs. actuals following Q1, and where will money potentially flow as a result. Some topics covered include: how managers can identify opportunities in today’s environment, insight into performance trends thru Q1, and approaches that different investors are taking as a result of the recent volatility.

Webcast Wednesday feat. AON Investment Consulting

What’s happening at one of the largest investment consultancy firms in the world? How is Aon positioning itself and its clients for future success? How are they interacting with the broader asset management community and how can managers assist them and their clients? Find out more by tuning in on Wednesday, July 15 at 3:30 PM ET for the next edition of AIMSE’s Webcast Wednesday.

AIMSE Webcast Three Part Series feat. Mark Bowden

Register once and gain access to the entire three-part series!
AIMSE is excited to present a webcast series which will feature Human Behavior & Body Language Expert, Mark Bowden alongside AIMSE President Emeritus Michael Gillis. This discussion will focus on how you can communicate effectively through virtual platforms and build trust and credibility with your colleagues.