AIMSE Webinars

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  • Webcast Wednesday feat. Willis Towers Watson | Replay Available On-Demand
    This AIMSE webcast features three outstanding individuals from Willis Towers Watson: Jon Pliner, CFA, Nimisha Srivastava, CAIA and Chris Thompson. Learn more about these speakers on the registration page.

  • Webcast Wednesday feat. Cambridge Associates | Replay Available On-Demand
    Our next Webcast Wednesday features the following speakers from Cambridge Associates: Chris Shepler, CFA, Liqian Ma, Tracy Abedon Filosa, and Ashby Hatch, CFA. Visit the registration page to learn more about each speaker!

  • The New Marketing Paradigm | Replay Available On-Demand
    The 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic has created a paradigm shift in institutional asset raising. Having worked as both an in-house and outsourced marketer, as well as originating the AIMSE Boot Camp program with Michael Gillis, Chris is uniquely positioned to offer new insights into the developing and evolving marketing paradigm. In addition to previous AIMSE webinars that have focused on utilizing changing and innovative technology to do our jobs, Chris will discuss the new marketing environment and new strategies and tactics for raising capital.

  • Webcast Wednesday feat. Callan | Replay Available On-Demand
    Our next Webcast Wednesday features a phenomenal lineup of speakers from Callan, including Millie Viqueira, Mark N. Stahl, CFA, and Anne C. Maloney. Visit the registration page for more information on each speaker!

  • Long-term Investing at a Well-Established Foundation | Replay Access Now Closed
    Is there a new way we should think about equity investing? Join your fellow AIMSE members on Wednesday, July 29 as Ken Lee, Managing Director of Investments at Carnegie Corporation of New York answers that question and more. As managing director of investments, Ken Lee co-leads the foundation’s portfolio strategy for investments in public markets, which include long-only equities, absolute return, and fixed-income asset classes. In his role, Mr. Lee serves as the primary lead on developed markets. He also manages the Corporation’s U.S. venture capital and growth equity activities in private markets.

  • Finding Opportunity Amid Uncertainty | Replay Available On-Demand
    Join John Molesphini, the Global Head of Insights at eVestment for an informative webcast will discuss allocation trends of the largest US and UK public plans prior to the globalization of the pandemic in March 2020, allocation targets vs. actuals following Q1, and where will money potentially flow as a result. Some topics covered include: how managers can identify opportunities in today’s environment, insight into performance trends thru Q1, and approaches that different investors are taking as a result of the recent volatility.

  • Webcast Wednesday feat. AON Investment Consulting | Replay Available On-Demand
    What’s happening at one of the largest investment consultancy firms in the world? How is Aon positioning itself and its clients for future success? How are they interacting with the broader asset management community and how can managers assist them and their clients? Find out more by tuning in on Wednesday, July 15 at 3:30 PM ET for the next edition of AIMSE’s Webcast Wednesday.

  • AIMSE Webcast Three Part Series feat. Mark Bowden
    Register once and gain access to the entire three-part series!
    AIMSE is excited to present a webcast series which will feature Human Behavior & Body Language Expert, Mark Bowden alongside AIMSE President Emeritus Michael Gillis. This discussion will focus on how you can communicate effectively through virtual platforms and build trust and credibility with your colleagues.

  • AIMSE / Mercer Webcast
    This webcast is available to AIMSE Members in the AIMSE Resource Library.
    We hope that you and your loved ones are staying healthy and safe during this challenging time. More than ever, AIMSE is committed to providing valuable industry knowledge and insight to our community. Leading up to the Annual Conference this fall, we are excited to announce the launch of a new webcast series that will provide members with: ACCESS to consultants and plan sponsors EDUCATION, aimed at improving your skills and professional toolkit MENTORSHIP, as we share best practices from industry leaders.