AIMSE/Toigo Scholarship

AIMSE is proud to partner with The Robert Toigo Foundation since 2017 to promote diversity in the asset management industry. AIMSE embraces Toigo’s mission to foster the career advancement and increased leadership of underrepresented talent by creating mechanisms for greater inclusion from the classroom to the boardroom.

On behalf of the AIMSE membership, the Board of Directors established a scholarship program for participants of the Toigo Fellowship program. Currently, we have four AIMSE Toigo Fellow Scholarship Recipients. The scholarships provides tuition assistance, paid directly to their respective elite graduate MBA business school. In addition to monetary support, the AIMSE Toigo scholarship recipients are provided full AIMSE memberships and are encouraged to engage in regional events and attend both the AIMSE Fall Conference and Annual Marketing & Sales Conference.

Providing networking and career opportunities is paramount. If you would like to connect with the AIMSE Toigo Fellow Scholarship Recipients, please contact the AIMSE office via our website or 703-234-4098.

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About the Robert Toigo Foundation:

The Robert Toigo Foundation’s work is about both the institution and the individual—on building stronger, more diverse organizations through the inclusion and advancement of under-represented talent.

With the goal to have a direct impact where capital decisions are made, Toigo works with leaders at organizations of all sizes, in finance and beyond, to create and implement high impact solutions that drive inclusion and diversity. The result? Stronger returns for all stakeholders.