The AIMSE Mentor Program connects mentors, experienced leaders in investment management sales and marketing, with mentees, who are new to AIMSE or up-and-coming professionals in the field, for job effectiveness coaching and advice. Each member is encouraged to participate in the Mentoring Program.

The AIMSE Mentoring Program provides benefits to mentors and mentees:

  • Get your foot in the door with Institutional Investors-Consultants & Plan Sponsors
  • Gain knowledge that will raise the quality of your sales and marketing interactions
  • Broaden your professional network
  • Give back to your profession by helping others who need support and coaching to succeed in their careers


I have professionally and personally benefitted from being a mentee in AIMSE’s Mentorship Program. My mentor has given me sound advice, and has been helpful in connecting me to others in the investment management community. My network has grown over the year, which, coupled with the various events and programs that AIMSE offers, has allowed me to more effectively engage the institutional investor and consultant communities.

Daniel Kettner, Vice President, Neuberger Berman

I’ve benefitted directly from the AIMSE members I’ve met through the mentorship program, and the healthy comradery within the industry that AIMSE has fostered. I’d strongly recommend that seasoned industry veterans and those new to the industry consider enlisting as a mentor or mentee. I’m thankful for the insight that my mentor has shared with me and for the industry professionals who have volunteered their time to build such an impactful and highly regarded professional organization within our industry.

Anthony Monraz, CAIA, Arrowmark Partners