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Association of Investment Management Sales Executives (AIMSE) is the only professional organization dedicated to serving the needs of investment management sales and marketing professionals.

Founded in 1977 with a total of 125 members, AIMSE today has continued to grow and now includes members from some of the most successful investment management firms in the world.

Membership Brochure

Active Member

AIMSE Active Membership is open ONLY to those who devote all or a major portion of their time to the marketing or selling of investment management products/services. Active membership provides full benefits including access to all In-Person & Virtual Events, the Mentorship Program, the Online Content Library and all other benefits. Membership is available on an individual basis only.

Annual membership dues are $395 USD.


Associate Member

AIMSE Associate Membership is designed for either: 1) newer investment management marketing and sales professionals, or 2) their colleagues who sit adjacent to the sales process, for example: portfolio managers, product managers, marketing/RFP professionals, client service, or investor relations.

Associate Membership provides a differing level of benefits including access to all Virtual Events, the Mentorship Program, the Online Content Library, Membership Directory and in-person Regional events in their nearest physical city. Associate members do not have access to in-person conferences and have no voting rights. Those privileges can be attained through an upgrade to Active Member status by investment management marketing and sales professionals, regardless of experience level.

Annual membership dues are $200 USD.


NOTE: Consultants, representatives of executive search firms, and members of the “working press” are not eligible for AIMSE Membership.

Benefits of Being an AIMSE Member

Who are AIMSE Members?

Institutional Sales, Investor Relations, Consultant
Relations, and other sales related professionals of all levels at investment
management firms.

Types of Investment Firms

  • Every size and shape firm in the institutional investment industry
  • Global, national and regional firms
  • Single strategy boutiques
  • Multi-faceted, broad investment platforms
  • Traditional long-only equity and fixed-income firms
  • Alternatives firms with hedge funds, private equity and real estate investment strategies
  • AIMSE's Access to Industry Insights and Trends

    • Industry Best Practices
    • Peer Interaction
    • Consultants & Plan Sponsors

    Benefits to Your Firm

    • Access to information on key marketing trends impacting plan sponsors, consultants, sales channels, and investment product demand
    • Access to industry-wide best practices
    • Access to knowledge that will raise the quality of your sales and marketing interactions
    • Access to consultants and plan sponsors
    • Access to sales and marketing plan development expertise

    AIMSE Regional Events

    AIMSE events provide opportunities for education on current investment issues, insights into the latest sales and marketing techniques, and networking opportunities delivered in smaller, manageable settings with peers and contacts from your local area.

    AIMSE Conferences

    AIMSE conferences feature educational workshops, professional development courses, consultant and plan sponsor roundtables, motivational speakers, and exhibits.

    A hallmark of AIMSE conferences, the CONSULTANT & PLAN SPONSOR ROUNDTABLE SESSIONS put you in the room with top consultants and plan sponsors where they give you unique insights into issues currently impacting their organizations and the corresponding effect on their asset allocation and manager selection decision-making processes.

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