Board of Directors 2011 – 2012

2011-2012 Officers

Anthony E. Wilkins
President, AIMSE
Northern Trust Global Investments

Christopher J. Krein
Vice President, AIMSE
WisdomTree Asset Management

Christopher Newman
Treasurer, AIMSE
T. Rowe Price Associates

Niels Andersen
President Emeritus, AIMSE
Altrinsic Global Advisors, LLC

2011-2012 Board of Directors

Carter Bailey
Franklin Templeton Institutional

Matthew Crowe
Anchor Point Capital, LLC

Maureen Decker

Kerry S. Dempsey
Lasair Capital

Kathleen Powers Dunlap
Barclays Capital

Stephen Dunn
Cohen & Steers Capital Management

Stefanie Frese
Barclays Capital

Paul Foster
Delaware Investments

MacKenzie Hurd
Rainier Investment Management

Scott J. Kearney
Turner Investment Partners, Inc.

Cheryl King
Symphony Investor Services

Carolyn Patton
Turner Investment Partners, Inc.

Chris Rae
SAC Capital Advisors LP

Michael Reeves
Vermillion Asset Management LLC

Kimberley Woolverton
Kimberley Woolverton, CFA, Aberdeen Asset Management