President’s Letter

Message from the AIMSE President

October 2020

We are all very fortunate to work in this amazing industry. Sure, there are ups and downs, but every day, our efforts help to ensure people can retire, foundations can make grants, charities can fulfill their missions, corporations can grow, and all other positive outcomes achieved through institutional money management.

As client needs evolve, influencers change, and investment trends come and go, we must adapt. To be the best you can be, you need to have the right skills, insight, and access to leading allocators and industry experts.

Over the past 43 years, AIMSE has grown to over 800 members. Today, it is the only organization dedicated to meeting the unique needs of institutional sales, client service and consultant relations professionals. Why’’d this happen? Because the aforementioned professionals are the only ones able to join AIMSE and, as a completely volunteer organization, these talented individuals determine the content and delivery of all the incredible programs we offer.

In 2004, I attended my first AIMSE conference and had two amazing things happen. First, I’ll never forget being in a session on presentation skills. Despite having been in sales for 10 years, I had never had formal training. To have it tailored to our industry felt career changing. I was so excited, the next week I shared all I learned with every client-facing person at my company. Second, I didn’t know anyone at the conference and was lucky to meet a few people I’m now proud to call friends, from whom I continue to learn.

Sixteen years after that first conference, I am truly honored to serve as president of AIMSE. No matter what challenges are thrown our way, we will overcome and we will continue to be crucial to our members’ career success. AIMSE is about the people. Whether we meet in person or meet remotely, we will all be there together. Our organization will be better with you as a member and you will be better for joining.


Kurt Terrien
AIMSE President